Answered By: Hannah Congrave
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2022     Views: 318

Your Library loan has been recalled as all the copies of that book are currently on loan and another user wants to borrow it so they have placed a request. All items checked out to users' accounts are subject to recall.

We have the Recall system in place to ensure fair access to all our print resources as it is just not possible to have a copy of every item for every student. This way, items required by users are made available in a timely fashion. The Recall system ensures that all items are guaranteed for 7 days (and if not required by another user, loaned for up to 8 weeks).

When a loan is recalled, a recall notice is automatically emailed to the user who has held the book the longest, giving them 7 days to return the book so the request can be satisfied.

If you cannot return the book within 7 days let us know at

Overdue recalled items are charged at 50p per item per day - please also see our Fees and Charges for further information.

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