Answered By: Hannah Congrave
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2022     Views: 139

If there is an item listed on your library account which you feel sure you have returned we will:

  • Check the Library shelves to see if the item is there.
  • If the item is found on the shelf we will remove it from your account and tell you we have done so.
  • If after the initial checks the book is not found on the shelf, and it is still recorded as being on loan to you we will inform you and we will ask you to check again at home in case it has been overlooked.
  • We will continue to search over a period of 2-3 weeks in the Library and on our loan records, during which time you will still be able to borrow books.  If the book(s) is not found within this time, we will send you an invoice for the cost of a replacement copy (£55.00 plus a £7.00 handling charge).
  • We will keep you informed of our progress by email, and ask that you also take the time to respond.
  • Once the invoice has been produced and sent to you, if the book has not been found, you will be unable to borrow any more books until the invoice is paid. The Library does not automatically accept liability for such items.

Please note: If at anytime during this process you do find the item, please return it and inform us as soon as possible. Fines will still be applied to items which are returned after the due date.

If you have any queries about this matter please speak to a member of Library staff at the Library Help Zone or contact our Enquiry Service via