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If you believe a Group Study Room has been double-booked, often this can be resolved by each group looking at their booking confirmation e-mail. (This e-mail will have been received by the group member who booked the room, usually almost immediately after the booking was made) The system used to book Group Study Rooms does not allow double bookings, and in the vast majority of cases suspected double bookings are caused by misunderstandings. 

If one group does not have a confirmation e-mail, then it is likely that that particular booking was not fully completed. A booking is only valid once the booking process has been fully completed on the Study Space Booking System, which then generates the automated confirmation e-mail. 

If both groups have a confirmation e-mail, it's worth each group checking (and perhaps comparing) the following details:

  • Room Number: check that you are in the correct room, as outlined in the booking e-mail. For example, one group may have booked room 3.1 and the other 2.1.
  • Booking Date: check that your booking is for the correct date. 
  • Booking Time: when Library is open 24/7 during term-time Group Study Rooms can be booked throughout these hours. Therefore rooms can be booked for 3pm, for example, but also 3am - please check the booking time closely as this can be the reason for two separate bookings being confused for each other.

If the issue cannot be resolved by checking the above, or if encounter any related issues, there will be staff in the Library able to assist you. During staffed hours, please speak to Library Staff near the entrance turnstiles or text the Information Hub on 0116 347 0605. Outside of staffed hours, Security staff will be working at the Information Hub desk and are available for support. Please have your Student ID and booking confirmation e-mail available if seeking assistance, as both of these will be very helpful for the staff member who looks into the issue. 

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