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To save items in Library Search:

First, sign in to your library account. Go to Login in the top right of the screen and enter your university credentials. If you don't login to your account, your items will not be saved.

To save an item, click the pin icon:

Pin icon in Library Search


To view your saved items:

Click the pin icon in the top right of the screen: 

My Favourites icon in Library Search


To organise your saved items:

Click Add Labels on an item:

 Screenshot showing the Add Labels text on a saved record in My Favourites

  • Any labels you have created previously will be displayed under Available labels. To use one of these, select the plus icon. 
  • To add a new label, click Add new label and enter your text. Press enter to save the label. 
  • To add more labels to the same item, select the pencil icon and repeat the above steps. 

To see all items for a specific label, select the label from the list on the right:

Screenshot of My Favourites in Library Search, showing an example list of labels on the right of items list.


You can also search your Favourites by going to the Search in My Favourites bar at the top of your items.

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