Answered By: Michael
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Under UK copyright law the Library can only supply only one article from a journal. If you request multiple articles, they must each be from separate issues/journals and each request will be deducted from your quota. 

Your annual quota can be affected by different factors, such as if you are an Undergraduate, Distance Learning student, Research Postgraduate, Academic Staff etc. 

If you are a Distance Learner and the journal is in stock in the Library, you can have one article from one issue after providing a signed Copyright Declaration form. This digitisation request can be made via the library website by following the steps outlined here:

If you are a Distance Learner and are able to visit the Library, you can request one article per journal/issue, and view the remaining 3 articles or you can view all articles/whole journal. 

If you are a Distance Learner and the journal is not in stock at the library, you can request an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) via the Document Supply Team. The same restrictions apply, you can have one article per journal/issue and this will be deducted from your quota. If you include the journal ISSN in your request this will result in a much quicker supply time.

If you request an ILL and are able to visit the Library, we can try to request the whole journal from the British Library and you can view the whole journal in the Library. In this instance, your quota will be reduced by one.

It is not possible to post out Inter-Library Loans.

If you are a campus-based student, and the journal/issue is in stock at the Library, you can view and/or photocopy the articles yourself. There is no reduction from your quota if you photocopy an article(s) yourself.

If the journal/issue is not in stock in the Library, you can submit a request via Document Supply, with a signed Copyright Declaration Form. This will be deducted from your quota. You can only request one article from one journal/issue.

Please note: Once a request for an item has been processed your quota will be reduced, even if we are unable to locate the materials. This reflects the staff time expended in processing, searching and attempting to obtain the items for you.