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If the book you require is marked as 'item in place' on the catalogue but you cannot find it on the shelves, speak to a member of Library staff who will help you look for it. 

However, it is always worth bearing in mind the following:

  • Double check the shelf mark, call number and location of the book. Just being one digit out can mean you may miss the the book on the shelf
  • Check back a little later, someone might be using the book in the Library. The book will show as 'in place' until it is physically checked out by another Library user.
  • If an item is already listed on the catalogue as 'missing' then see the book I want is listed as Missing

As well as material classified within the Dewey Decimal System, you will come across other sequences within the Library, they may have one of the following prefixes and be shelved in a slightly different location:

  • AA-AY : Transport History - Yellow Zone, Floor 3 
  • D : Economic History - Yellow Zone, Floor 3 
  • F FF : Oversize books - Yellow Zones, Floors 1 2 3
  • M.A : Maths Association Books - Blue Zone, Floor 1 - separate sequence located at the end of Dewey Shelf Mark 519. Dewey Shelf Marks 520 - 599 are located in the Yellow Zone, Floor 2
  • PER : Print Journals - Basement - please note that Law Journals (PER 340) are located Blue Zone, Floor 2 
  • R1 - RQT : Education Resources - Yellow Zone, Floor 1

If you are still unable to locate a item in the library after a couple of searches, please speak to a member of Library staff who will fill check the shelf for you and conduct a thorough search if they cannot find it.

If the missing item is one of multiple copies, we will place a hold on another copy for you if it is not found after the first search.

If the item is a single copy where there are no others to place a hold on, we will email you after the second search to see if you still require it. If you let us know that you do, we will then look into other options for you, such as an inter library loan request.